fireplaceReuse/Repurposed Design

Second Place

The intent for this fireplace wall was to provide the client with a design utilizing a modern industrial look. Metal happens to be a common material found in industrial designs. Inspiration came when looking upon a pile of dirty old steel beams and slats that once made up a ramada in the client’s backyard. All at once there was a vision to repurpose that steel by turning it into a mantel and hearth for the fireplace. The transformation happened by grinding down the surface to remove the old paint, rust and dirt. This process exposed the natural beauty of the steel. A coating was then applied for protection. No further treatment was necessary. For support the beams and slats were countersunk into the columns on either side of the fireplace. By salvaging the steel, the cost of the project was reduced since the only expense was in the labor to transform the steel and to install the newly created mantel and hearth. Learn More